in the field of: Management for the Management Cadre – Master of Business Administration

MBA is an annual program consisting of a series of workshops developing soft managerial skills together with a consultative diploma project. The curriculum of the MBA studies has been elaborated and adjusted to the requirements of the market so as to enable persons with various profiles of education to supplement qualifications and gain the state-of-the-art, practical management knowledge.



The practical curriculum of MBA studies is addressed to the management personnel for whom gaining the specified education is a must for their career development and for those who need to acquire or improve their managerial skills. The studies allow consolidating knowledge in the field of running and developing business activities.


The purpose of the studies is to provide students with a solid theoretical basis for modern management and best business practices, with an emphasis on interpersonal and leadership skills, supported by solid knowledge of management, psychology and economics.


Lecturers are foreign university graduates, managers, business practitioners, owners of consulting and training companies with many years of experience in running MBA courses in Poland and abroad.

MBA in the Warsaw University of Business:

  • MBA students are partners in the implementation of the program – through active participation in classes, sharing their experiences and know-how they become co-authors of the program and have a real influence on the course of classes
  • the organization of studies is based on a partnership approach to students who can count on the assistance of a group supervisor during the whole course of studies
  • partner relations are developed also between students: exchange of knowledge and experience, networking or working in project teams are just some of the advantages stemming from studying together in a group of experienced managers,
  • implementation of interactive teaching methods: workshops, panel discussions, case studies, business games – knowledge from classes can be used in professional life on an ongoing basis,
  • students of MBA studies are persons with professional experience, thanks to which classes constitute an opportunity for participants to share their knowledge.


Practical aspects of the program allow for active forms of classes: simulation business games, tests, exercises, case studies, projects implemented individually and in groups. An important element of the studies is an active participation of students in classes and combining the teacher’s experience and knowledge with the participants’ professional experience, thanks to which students can broaden skills that are really useful in the manager’s work.


1. Principles of managing state and local government assets
2. Protection of classified information and preventing economic intelligence
3. Communication and negotiations
4. Operational and strategic management
5. Human resources management
6. Legal and organizational aspects with regard to the functioning of power and telecommunication sectors
7. Financial and fiscal law
8. Commercial law and principles of corporate governance
9. Public procurement
10. Marketing and branding, e-business strategies
11. Labour law and social security
12. Business security and anti-corruption practices
13. Financial and management accounting
14. Practical aspects of creating and implementing business plans
15. Management control, audit and analysis of financial statements
16. Conduct in the organization and coaching
17. Financial management in the company
18. Managerial economics
19. Corporate Social Responsibility
20. Legal and organisational aspects of the functioning of the banking and insurance sectors
21. Restructuring and change management
22. Capital market in Poland and EU member states

Studies: post diploma studies

in the field of: Management for the Management Cadre – Master of Business Administration

Mode of studies:
– part-time studies (classes take place once a month in the form of two-day sessions – Saturdays, Sundays).
Duration of the studies: 1,5 year; 3 semesters
Language of the studies: Polish, English. The minimum number of students to start the faculty is 15.
Diploma obtained: Diploma of post-graduate studies completion in the field of Management for the management cadre: Master of Business Administration issued by the Warsaw University of Business together with the certificate.

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POST DIPLOMA STUDIES – 3 semesters Master of Business Administration:

Entry fee € 100
Full time
One-time yearly payment
€ 4,900
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Indoor business conference for managers.
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