Licencjat (Bachelor) degree in Logistics at the Warsaw University of Business prepares students to work in positions related to planning, coordination and organization of transport. The knowledge provided to students during a three-year undergraduate program covers a broad spectrum of issues in the economic, organization and management, and technical areas. They acquire competence, beginning with the organization of supply cycles, all through the management of customer service departments. The students learn about the practical functioning aspects of logistics in enterprises, which will help them to find their future career in transport and shipping companies.

The study program is a response to the current needs of employers. The knowledge and skills that a graduate will receive during three years of studies at the Warsaw University of Business will be used in all types of companies operating in the transport, shipping and logistic industries. During the first year of studies in Logistics or Management, we provide basic subject area orientation and then, in subsequent years of study, the student carries out, within the chosen specialty, the subjects, which guarantee the acquisition of the practical skills in the chosen field, and the access to the most up-to-date knowledge.


As part of Logistics studies, we offer the following specialties:

  • Business logistics and warehousing
  • Spatial planning logistics
  • Land transport management


Graduate of the Warsaw University of Business in Logistics acquires, inter alia, the following:

  • Knowledge and skills necessary for operational logistics management
  • Interpersonal and leadership skills to work in middle and senior management positions in organizations where logistics, technical, economic, IT and organizational knowledge is required.
  • Knows the essence of managing modern business entities and the principles of logistic activity of business entities
  • Preparation for work in the logistics and marketing departments of enterprises
  • Competence of a well-rounded specialist


Graduates of the Warsaw University of Business in Logistics will find employment in:

  • Manufacturing, logistics companies
  • Transport companies
  • Consulting firms dealing with logistics
  • Logistics centers
  • As freight forwarders
  • As planning specialists in the logistics departments

Studies: Bachelor’s degree

– Full-time studies (classes are held from Monday to Thursday),
– part-time studies (classes take place twice a month in three-day sessions, Fridays – from 5:30 PM, Saturdays and Sundays).
Duration of studies: 3 years, 6 semesters
Language of lecture: English
Acquired degree: Bachelor’s degree and may be followed by second cycle studies or postgraduate studies.

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If you intend to pursue a future career in companies providing transportation, trade or distribution services, you are not afraid to make responsible decisions, you want to hold management positions in logistic centers or run your own business related to logistics services – sign up for studies at WUB, and 3 years later receive a diploma of graduation in the field of Logistics.

Fees for studies 2018/2019

Entry fee € 100
Full time and extramural studies
One-time yearly payment
€ 3,800
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